Best SEO Link Building Practices for 2013

Slow and steady wins the race.

True that. If are a SEO or a link builder for quite sometime now and have been following the latest Internet Marketing updates then you can surely relate on what is meant by the sentence above. This instantly caught my attention while reading Neil Patel’s, founder & CEO of, interview with¬†Jayson DeMers of Search Engine Watch.

To add in the interview he also elaborated on how SEO can still rank high even if Google has tightened their linking standards. And to remember the elements of links are quantity, quality, diversity, and velocity.

  • Quantity not on number of links delivered but on the number of quality content.
  • Quality on the number of links pointing to your website. Not on a page but on the different pages in your website.
  • Diversity on the anchor texts used.
  • Velocity will be slower but steady. Even if you only have hundreds of links you may still outrank a website with thousands of links.

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